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Our Story

We never invented the term, but we are now there for it.


Pronounced 'O S.H.T', our name is something of a talking point, however with tongue in cheek our service is all class. OhSht is for the unexpected, the forgotten, or giving that ultimate impression. 

The origins of OhSht is not unique. It began with boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy forgets many occasions either personal or extended family, boy expresses his frustration commonly as Oh Sh*t. From here girl understands this isn't an isolated incident to just the boy and girl, thus girl creates OhSht.

At OhSht we are creating an experience, so every item is handpicked with customers in mind and ensuring the highest quality. We strive to provide our customers with something unique and that will provide a lasting impression, to the gifter and the receiver.


Our brand is unique, it inspires, and it is all about class.

Let us be part of that moment, whatever the reason, the joy and appreciation is our main drive.
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Our Vision


To be the first thought.

Let us be that first thought, give a Gift box with Class, try us and you will keep coming back

Sustainability in mind

At OhSht we have kept sustainability in mind when creating our products and boxes. All our packaging has been hand picked by us so that most can be reused.

We have chosen to do away with traditional plastic boxes and cellophane. Our unique Cruelty-Free felt boxes are hand wrapped in a OhSht eco friendly reusable mesh bag, perfect for storing fresh produce in the fridge or simply keeping items organised.

Each gift box also comes with a complementary message card and sleeve. In line with our sustainable outlook, our minimalistic white message cards come enclosed in a sophisticated black reusable sleek OhSht RFID credit card sleeve.

Exclusive OhSht keyrings come fastened to every box purchased and use our luxe Cruelty-Free felt boxes to style your home, perfect to store keys and watches, vanity hand towels, even the TV remote.

Whilst some of our products in our gifting options contain plastic or once off use wrapping we have limited this where we can. The shipping cartons and fillers used by OhSht are NOT virgin and are completely biodegradable and recyclable.

At OhSht we are very proud of who we are as a brand and what OhSht represents. Please reuse all our packaging and accessories where possible and enjoy what we uniquely have to offer!

Luxury Gift Hampers Made for your Special Someone

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bonus bag month

Every gift box purchased until February 15 will receive an additional signature OhSht Small Eco Friendly Reusable Mesh Bag. So jump on it!!

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